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Betting on Bellator MMA: Where can you bet on Bellator MMA?

Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promotion based in California which is currently at second place to their more established and monopolist competitor UFC. In Bellator’s relative infancy, as it was formed in 2008, the brand has gone from strengths to strengths in recent memory with the new addition of elite fighters such as UFC veterans Rory McDonald, Gegard Mousasi, Paul Daley & Lorenz Larking, amongst others.

Betting on Bellator: Where to bet on bellator MMA
Betting on Bellator: Where to bet on bellator MMA
Betting on Bellator: Where to bet on bellator MMA

Betting on Bellator MMA compared to UFC

Betting on Bellator is much the same as Betting on UFC with both promotions using the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The one key difference you will likely notice is the scarcity of betting options when betting on Bellator MMA. This is again likely due to its relative infancy and its overshadowing by the larger more well known UFC. Nonetheless, there are sportsbooks that are beginning to recognise the popularity of Bellator MMA and the potential for players to enjoy themselves whilst betting on Bellator MMA.

When did Bellator MMA gain popularity?

Bellator MMA has always put on entertaining matchups since its very beginning in 2008, the problem many people found was there was a rarely an entire Bellator card that was worth spending the time to watch. Save for the rare marquee main event matchups, Bellator MMA usually lacks name value in its main card and fighters name get less recognisable still when venturing to their preliminary fights. This has all since changed when Scott Coker took the CEO reigns in June 2014, stating that he would be hunting for the best MMA fighters in the world not currently signed to any major MMA promotion. Whilst this initially composed mostly of UFC veterans in the twilight years of their career often after being cut from the UFC or going on notable losing streaks forcing them to seek lesser rated competition. Now we see genuinely elite fighters still in the prime of their career, Gegard Mousasi is a perfect example, looking to begin a career in Bellator MMA likely due to the difference in opposition competition, being able to promote your own sponsors in the cage and ability to negotiate with someone that isn’t the “bald Don King” aka Dana white.

Where can you bet on Bellator MMA?

With all this rise in popularity and additions of elite MMA fighters to the Bellator MMA stable, betting on Bellator MMA should be relatively easy, right? Wrong! Most sportsbooks still see MMA as a niche sport with its premier organisation UFC being synonymous with the sport they don’t care to promote any other lesser known promotion. (Sorry, ONE FC MMA, Cage Warriors, Rizin MMA fans etc.  don’t expect to see a plentiful amount of betting lines for your fringe MMA organisation any time soon).

However don’t stress, has you covered as always with the complete guide to the best bookies to bet on Bellator, UFC and other fight promotions. Continue reading to find out which sportsbooks allow Bellator MMA betting, or if you’re too impatient just skip to the answer now!

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The best betting sites to bet on Bellator MMA

We have explained in our Where to bet on Glory Kickboxing guide that when you’re choosing the best betting site to bet on Bellator MMA, UFC, or other promotions you are usually looking the fastest released betting lines, the best odds or the most detailed prop bets on offer. When betting on Bellator MMA you do not have this luxury due to the sheer lack of bookies that offer betting lines for Bellator MMA. When betting on Bellator MMA you are more likely looking for a sportsbook that will simply off you any betting lines whatsoever.

Following this our best site to bet on Bellator MMA has to be our favourite sportsbook Unibet

(See our full Unibet Sportsbook Review)

Unibet has long been a favourite for combat sports fans, we’re presented with the best betting lines for Bellator MMA, UFC & Glory Kickboxing which is a treat, even when it shouldn’t be in 2018!

How to bet on Bellator MMA using Unibet?

Unibet has an easy to use interface and includes a simple layout for players. To navigate to betting lines for Bellator simple follow the below instructions.

Firstly, if you haven’t already, register as a new player and claim your £30 welcome bonus.

Claim £30 Unibet Welcome Bonus

This bonus allows new players to claim back their losses on the first bet you place up to £30! T&C’s Apply 18+.

Now you can navigate the A-Z list of sports on the left-hand side and find yourself the MMA/UFC category, shown below.

bellator mma betting: Where to bet on MMA

After navigating to the UFC/MMA category you have the options to view further categories based organisations under this umbrella.

Betting on Bellator: Where to bet on bellator MMA

Once you have navigated this far you will be greeted with all the current Bellator MMA lines on offer. Don’t be put off if you can’t see the option for Bellator MMA because the category will only be displayed when a current betting line is available as shown below.

Betting on Bellator: Where to bet on bellator MMA

Congratulations you have now made your first Bellator MMA bet, or at the very least you know how to! We will continue this article with new bookmakers offering Bellator MMA betting lines once we have fully reviewed those sites. Happy betting and good luck.

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