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Betting on Glory Kickboxing: Where can you bet on Glory Kickboxing? Where do you find the best kickboxing odds?

Glory Kickboxing put quite simply, is awesome. A well-financed addition to the usually low budget and amateur-ish events that kickboxing seems to gravitate toward. Finally a fantastically executed, star power-driven, high-quality kickboxing event that seemingly ticked all the boxes. Now to win some money and bet on your favourite fight or fighter; if you’re from Europe or the UK you navigate to your chosen bookmaker like you normally would when you bet on the UFC, bet on regional MMA or even to bet on boxing. So where do you bet on Glory Kickboxing?

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Where to bet on glory kickboxing

You’re searching, scrolling, squinting but what gives? Surely there’s a filter you haven’t selected, or maybe a menu you haven’t previously explored, but still, nothing. There is no option to bet on Glory Kickboxing or any kickboxing for that matter, what the heck?! This can’t be right Glory Kickboxing are filling out arenas across the globe and some Glory fight cards are averaging half-million viewers. Simply put most bookmakers haven’t addressed this on their website or app and just do not want to budge. This is frustrating to put it lightly when you’re blessed with hundreds of different betting options for what I would consider less known sports. The question now becomes can you bet on Glory Kickboxing?

Just glancing through William Hill I am currently presented with over 45 different prop bets for E-sports, over 50 different prop-bets to choose from for political betting and there are even 17 different bets right now for betting on TV shows like the X-Factor & the Sports Personality of the year to Strictly Come Dancing and Game of Thrones.

Whilst I don’t consider these TV shows nearly as popular as Glory Kickboxing the actuality is – they most certainly are. A fight fan like myself will gloss over such categories unless I really think I can beat the bookies and win money.

Okay, okay so can you actually bet on Glory Kickboxing?

The short answer is a thankful, yes. Praise the ‘just bleed god’ for allowing such things, because everybody knows when you have even a small stake in the outcome of a fight it can increase your interest ten-fold. Let alone when you decide to invest a sizeable portion on your favourite fighter knocking your least favourite fighters teeth out!

Where can you bet on Glory Kickboxing?

We have put time and effort into the reviews of bookies on this site. These are bookies that I personally use and would only recommend if I had done so. Of course, there are sites I prefer to use when betting on MMA or the UFC for better odds, or maybe more quickly released lines or simply because of their user interface. When betting on Glory Kickboxing, you simply do not have this luxury. Unless somebody can show me different; I have yet to find more than one reputable bookmaker available to people inside the UK (and that generally includes Europe) that allows you to gamble on Glory Kickboxing. Still not guessed it yet? The site is none other than Unibet. My own personal favourite for betting due to its simple to understand interface, quickly released betting odds and most importantly availability to bet on some ‘obscure’ sports.

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Interestingly still though the format is not always perfect. As described in Youbetyah’s full review of Unibet, navigate yourself toward the sports section and scroll down until you see Glory Kickboxing in the alphabetised list on the left-hand side, if however, you do not see this option, do not fret! Keep scrolling until you see the familiar ‘UFC/MMA’ section and it’s often hidden in this section.

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Does this make sense, not really because Glory Kickboxing is neither MMA nor UFC, but nonetheless it is available. After selecting this category take a look at the top of the page and you have the option to filter this category further by which promotion you wish to view. Shown below.

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Once you are presented with the option to select the filter you prefer you can select Glory Kickboxing.

I admit its pretty lackluster to have just one bookmaker to choose from, but at least Unibet is a trusted high-street bookmaker out of the UK with good betting odds and an easy to use interface. Not only that but if you’re not registered already then you can claim a £30 sign-up bonus for sports betting, and a huge 200% bonus on casino betting up to £200.

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Where to bet on kickboxing glory